PEAK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

FHRECA WILL BE CONTROLLING POWER USAGE TODAY FROM 3PM TO 8PM. Please help us conserve energy by using as little power as possible Doing your laundry & running your dishwasher in the morning or late evening will help Flint Hills reduce it's peak load charges, which will reflect on your monthly bills. Call us for more ways to save.

The 77th Flint Hills RECA Annual Meeting was a success!!!

It shall be the mission of the Flint Hills RECA to provide a Safe, Reliable, & Affordable power supply while maintaining the Cooperative as a Valuable business while Preserving and ultimately Returning member's Patronage Capital



One of the responsiblities of Flint Hills Rural Cooperative's board of trustees is to peridically examine rates to be sure that they are fair and reasonable to all member rate classes.  The board is currently working on this study.  To see more information concerning this on going study, click on the monthly newsletters links below.





 Flint Hills RECA has been unable to locate the former members listed below who have unclaimed capital credit refunds that were retired more than three years ago.  If you know any of these former members listed, please have them call us at 620-767-5144.

In accordance with the cooperative's by-laws, failure to claim the refunds within 60 days of this notice (September 30, 2015) will cause the total amount of the refund to be irrevocabley gifted back to the cooperative.








Outage Map

If there is a current power outage in the Flint Hills Rural Electric's area, the map below will show where the outage is located.  Clicking on the map icon will show you if there are any outages in your area.  Remember, if your power is out, check all your breakers then call 620-767-5144  24 hours a day to report your power outage.

Click here to view our current outage map.       


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